Hisham Sheta
Managing Director & CEO

Non-Banking financial sector in Egypt has shown a remarkable evolution during the last few years despite its presence for long in this market. The sector comprises different activities including insurance, mortgage, leasing, factoring, micro and consumer finance, etc.. this sector receives unprecedented attention in recent times from all the concerned authorities in the country, especially the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) being the regulator of the NBFS in Egypt.

Leasing represents one of the galloping horses in this domain & one of the rising Financing solutions in the Egyptian non-banking financial sector, that provides a valuable scope of products to its’ target markets’ clients, in addition to genuine profitability to its’ investors, where the essence of our sustainable success story in running such activity is mainly through continuously achieving BM Lease’s core values of business, including Trust, Efficiency, Teamwork, Innovation and Excellence.

Factoring has started to show awareness and need for the businesses as a short-term financial solution after leasing has proved to be a successful solution for medium- and long-term financing needs.

BML, in its journey to achieve its strategic goals and objectives as set by its shareholders, is resuming its presence and expansions by launching the factoring activity under the same legal entity to provide a wider range of products and solutions to the Egyptian market.

Our team members’ satisfaction and our clients’ appreciation are also considered the foremost pillars BM Lease rely on in establishing a well-built market leading financial institution, that is built to always deliver efficient financing services to the market, aiming to support and enhance the Egyptian economy, through the involvement in forming a robust backbone to Egypt’s business market, solely and jointly with other financial institutions. Furthermore, continuously following the pathway of our government’s orientation to support the business market’s improvement and growth will stride side by side with our achievements, hence, continuously nourishing our success story, and ultimately maintaining our distinct and leading position in our competitive line of business.